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Focus On Self-Improvement, Rather Than Winning, Benefits Young Athletes

ScienceDaily (Feb. 9, 2012) — Underserved youth athletes report more life skill and character development when their coaches place greater emphasis on creating caring climates instead of focusing on competition, according to research from Michigan State University’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports. Playing in an atmosphere that focuses on player self-improvement versus player […]

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Cellphone Use Linked to Selfish Behavior

ScienceDaily (Feb. 14, 2012) — Though cellphones are usually considered devices that connect people, they may make users less socially minded, finds a recent study from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Marketing professors Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Rosellina Ferraro, with graduate student, Ajay T. Abraham, conducted a series of experiments on […]

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Giant Panda Genome Reveals New Insights Into the Bear’s Bamboo Diet

ScienceDaily (Mar. 6, 2010) — A Chinese-led team including international researchers with a scientist from Cardiff University, has shed new light on some of the giant panda’s unusual biological traits, including its famously restricted diet. The team has successfully sequenced the panda genome for the first time and now, the genetic insights gleaned from the […]

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