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iPad3 will be launched on March 7th, with Retina Display screen?

iPad3 rumorNo Less than 65 Million Retina Displays Ordered by Apple for iPad 3
By Jillian | February 14, 2012

Samsung and LG are rumored to have produced 65 million 264PPI Retina displays for Apple for use in the new iPad 3. With an expected solution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, these new screens would represent a marked improvement over the current iPad 2 display.

When Apple produced the iPad 2, they only ordered 40 million displays –so an increase of 25 million shows that the company has very high expectations for the success of their next tablet. Seems like a reasonable thing to presume when over 15 million iPad 2 devices were sold during the holiday quarter last year alone. Now consider the increased specifications (like a possible quad-core processor, improved camera specs, longer battery life) on top of the high-resolution Retina display and the recipe seems like a sure-win.

It goes without saying that this kind of volume is also good news for Samsung. Many analysts wondered if Samsung could maintain their business relationship with Apple given the legal battles currently being fought between the two companies. I am not entirely surprised however, with the reliability of the existing Samsung components, Apple is far less likely to switch suppliers now.

With these displays, Apple is certainly going to continue on as a force to be reckoned with. The primary competition runs at much lower resolutions (and in the case of the Kindle Fire on a much smaller screen size as well) which is pretty significant when you consider the multimedia and gaming uses for these devices are so prevalent.

We are still waiting for the official word from Apple on when we can get our hands on a new iPad 3, but the latest rumors all indicate March 7 is a likely date for the launch event. All expectations are that the devices would then ship to consumers within a week (or so) following that date.

Would a Retina display be enough reason for you to upgrade to the iPad 3?

Article from Padgadget.

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