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iPad Laser Keyboard

James Bond Would Be Jealous – iPad Gets Laser Keyboard Accessory
By Jillian | January 24, 2012 If any one of you says that you wouldn’t like to be a little more like James Bond (or at least have a few of his gadgets) I will think you are lying. We’ve seen virtual keyboards on television shows and in the movies but thanks to one of my favorite online retailers, Hammacher Schlemmer, you can own one of your own!

Operating without wires using Bluetooth, this keyboard will project a fully operational Class II laser-generated keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface.

The keyboard itself is 9 3/4″-wide x 4″-deep with 3/4″ keys once projected and promises to recognize “keystrokes in three dimensions by an optical sensor that detects finger placement at different areas on the keyboard, distinguishing between a finger hovering above the space bar or a number key.” Keyboard functionality is enhanced by “an invisible infrared horizontal plane projected millimeters above the surface detects actual contact with “keys”-when the plane is interrupted by a finger, the projector assigns a keyboard character, passing it along to a paired device.”

Worried this keyboard won’t be able to keep up with your amazing touch-typing? As long as you don’t exceed about 400 characters per minute you should be safe.

Want to bring it to your next meeting or class? With 1.5 hours of AC charging, the Virtual Keyboard will provide up to 2.5 hours of operation which should be plenty for most of your needs.

In case you needed any added incentive to grab this iPad accessory, the Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee is included with every purchase at no additional cost! This means that you can always return your virtual keyboard for exchange, credit, or refund if it ever disappoints you in any way.

Compatible with your iPad, iPhone or even Android-based smartphone or tablet, you can purchase The Virtual Keyboard direct from Hammacher Schlemmer for USD $199.95

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