Fokus pada Self-Improvement daripada kemenangan, bermanfaat bagi atlet muda

Atlet muda belajar lebih banyak kecakapan hidup dan pengembangan karakter ketika coach mereka lebih menekankan iklim kepedulian daripada berfokus pada kompetisi, demikian hasil riset Institute for the Study of Youth Sports dari Universitas Michigan (ScienceDaily, 2012). Atlet yang bermain dalam suasana yang berfokus pada peningkatan diri lebih menciptakan rasa kerja tim dan mengembangkan inisiatif, keterampilan […]

Cellphone Use Linked to Selfish Behavior

ScienceDaily (Feb. 14, 2012) — Though cellphones are usually considered devices that connect people, they may make users less socially minded, finds a recent study from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Marketing professors Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Rosellina Ferraro, with graduate student, Ajay T. Abraham, conducted a series of experiments on […]

Skeletons from the 18th Century Reveal Typhus Epidemic from Spain

ScienceDaily (Nov. 10, 2010) — By studying the dental pulp of skeletons buried in Douai (northern France), researchers from CNRS and the Université de la Méditerranée have identified the pathogenic agents responsible for trench fever and typhus. Published in the journal PLoS One, this work reveals for the first time the presence of typhus in […]

Giant Panda Genome Reveals New Insights Into the Bear’s Bamboo Diet

ScienceDaily (Mar. 6, 2010) — A Chinese-led team including international researchers with a scientist from Cardiff University, has shed new light on some of the giant panda’s unusual biological traits, including its famously restricted diet. The team has successfully sequenced the panda genome for the first time and now, the genetic insights gleaned from the […]

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